Maintenance and Repairs In your Rental accommodations – Becoming Well-performing Strategies.

If you are managing your own rental properties, eventually you will have to hire someone to get the furnace working, repair a leaky faucet, or perform any amount of other maintenance or repair services. The task is, if you do not have lots of rentals and thus already have some repair services prearranged, how will you look for a reliable person to accomplish the work ?

Well, you can always peruse the yellow pages (or an on the web equivalent) and make a bunch of phone calls. If you’re like me though, it’s always a risk comparing the guy who doesn’t charge a diagnostic fee but charges by the hour, to the one who charges a diagnostic fee which includes the first hour’s labor, to the one who charges a diagnostic fee and then uses flat rate netapp support post warranty not hourly pricing. Frankly, I’m left guessing – how can I know that the flat rate isn’t likely to be exorbitant, and far more than I’d pay an hourly guy. But, if I opt for the hourly guy , how can I am aware that he isn’t a really slow laborer and isn’t likely to cost me more compared to the flat rate…and so on. Well, if you may get one , a good recommendation can give you a far better starting place then blind surfing the yellow pages.

However, proceed with caution. Just because your companion or your brother-in-law has a suggestion to provide you with, it doesn’t mean it’s a good one. You must immediately discount any recommendations solely based on friendship or relation alone. Bobby might be a fantastic guy – but if he’s never done any work for the sister, even though he’s her husband’s companion – then this isn’t a reliable recommendation.

The purpose is – you would like recommendations based on someone’s experience with their work. Good candidates are your investor friends who actively manage their particular rental properties, or any friends which are in property management. Either of the have regularly used maintenance and repair services and can let you know about the product quality (fairness of pricing, etc.) of the specific work done. A great place to locate these folks, if that you don’t know them already, is your local investor group.

Lastly, your friends and family can be good sources if they’ve had some work done on their house recently. However, active property managers are a better source because they have a more substantial basis to judge different company’s work from and they choose their services far more frequently.


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