Betting on the Football World Cup – For Beginners

Analysts expect that almost $1 billion is going to be bet on the 2010 Football World Cup throughout the tournament as football fans look to turn their familiarity with the beautiful game into profits in the Football World Cup betting markets. Regardless of the fortune which will be bet on World Cup odds, there are many more football fans who would like to bet on the tournament but feel intimidated by the prospect of having an online bookmaker and placing bets on the internet. In fact, football betting is quite simple, and this simple guide to World Cup betting will reveal ways to get started:

1. What You Need

The first thing you’ll need to position bets online is a reliable bookmaker. Online betting guides like provide in-depth reviews of top bookmakers, ensuring that you just deal with the most effective in the business. Consider bookmakers situated in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as they are regulated and have decades of experience in sports betting เว็บ บอล ฟรีเครดิต.

2. Opening an Account

Once you’ve found a quality online bookmaker, you may need to open an account. Through the registration process you’ll be asked to offer personal details. You’re not necessary to deposit funds while registering your account, however; some bookmakers will require you to register your credit card.

3. Depositing Funds

If you like the design and feel of your online bookmaker, it is in addition crucial to go ahead and deposit funds into your account. The simplest way to achieve this is by using a VISA credit card. While other credit cards also work, VISA cards are the simplest cards to use when withdrawing winnings from your own account. Using a credit card will even ensure that you qualify for a totally free bet.

4. Free Bets

Free World Cup bets are given to new account holders by virtually all online bookmakers. When you have made your deposit you can generate your free bet by placing a bet. Remember that the free bet you are awarded will match the value of your first bet. Once your first bet produces a result you is going to be awarded a totally free bet coupon to use on any market at any time.

5. Placing a Bet

Placing a World Cup bet is simple. Find football on the set of betting sports, choose the World Cup from the sub-menu and then choose the marketplace you would like to bet on. As a beginner it’s easiest to bet on the results of a match in the match betting markets.

To put a bet tick the result you expect the match to produce. Your’selection’will likely then appear on a betting slip on your screen and you is going to be prompted to enter the quantity you would like to bet and asked to ensure your bet.

If you’re confused about how World Cup odds work, ensure that the odds format setting is on’decimal ‘. Decimal odds would be the simplest format to understand – just multiply your stake by the decimal odds to find out the sum total payout on a profitable bet.

6. Bet Results

Your World Cup bets is going to be settled within seconds of a match producing a result. If your bet wins the winnings is going to be added to your balance. You can withdraw your funds at any time. Remember that you will only be rewarded with a totally free bet when you have placed your first bet and the even you bet on has produced a result.


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